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A Gentle Place of Wellness Rest Discovery & Recovery

We hold two primary retreats each week.

~Retreat One commences at or after 3pm on each Thursday and finishes at or before 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

~Retreat Two commences at or after 3pm on each Sunday and finishes at or before 4pm on Tuesday afternoon.

These primary retreats like everything here are private events, you will not be sharing with any other guests.

Full accommodation and meals are provided and included in the cost price.

All therapies and classes are included. The cost price of €300 with a second person being charged €100.

Individual retreats are tailored to your needs, so no sharing unless you bring a friend. More Information link

                        Other time & cost formulas can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Patrick has a kindly and compassionately way of guiding people to a place of clarity and self-understanding. His strength, knowledge, experience and sense of fun while supporting others is pretty evident from your initial contact by telephone, email or on arrival. Your time will be filled with pleasant relaxing therapies and strategies that can be integrated into your everyday living. A unique combination of practices and therapies will be tailored to your needs. The informal and welcoming atmosphere at the center will immediately put you at ease.

Retreats can be as short as a half day or up to four nights/five days in duration. You will be provided with everything you need, a single or double bed in your own private chalet, as well as all meals and therapies. All food is freshly prepared for you here at the cottage, meals are vegetarian and vegan diets are easily catered for. To be clear again all retreats here are private, you will not be asked to share with anyone at any stage of your visit unless of course you have brought a friend.

Personal Retreats

Perhaps life has made you a little tired, particularly that interesting time of 'lockdown'.

A change in health or personal circumstances can be withering for all of us.

You might be in a difficult role as a carer for a dependent relative and just need to rest.

Would you like help, room and support to work out other challenges financial, medical, relationship or spiritual?

These retreats are based on people coming alone or with a friend or partner. Please note that if you book to come alone then you will not be asked to share the facility with anyone else you will have complete privacy. While people visit for many reasons, there is one common purpose for everyone here and in life, that is the pursuit of inner peace and to grow in happiness.   

Other Retreats

Events are created to suit your needs: Yoga Retreats, Shamanic Retreats, Healing Retreats, Rest & Restore Retreats, Nature Retreats, Retreats to recover from loss, Retreats to release addictions. Perhaps you just want to RETREAT from the world for a while to take a rest and not bother with too much fuss, that's also on offer. A very popular event here is a retreat to help therapists renew their enthusiasm and connection to source regardless of their original training. Whatever your need I am pretty sure we can help you.

Mindfulness, Meditation, Mind Management Retreats

These are beautiful, well presented one, two, three or four day events. There is also the follow up option of booking a series of weekly ninety minute sessions here or shorter sessions by phone The retreat is an opportunity to explore and develop strategies and techniques to put you in control of your mind rather than it being in control of you. You will learn how to master your reactivity and as a result also your happiness state. Perhaps you wish to develop your existing practice, or you might simply like to explore with a view to beginning a new personal practice at home. A magical 'time out' for you is assured, be it for a ninety minute appointment, a day, a two day or three day or four day booking. Suitable for all - and all are welcome. 

Cost for all retreats:

Half day € 75: Full day € 120: Overnight € 160 (subsequent nights €100.) Your Guests can attend for and additional €40.00per day/night. Click here for more information and directions.