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Healing Tree Retreats

A Gentle Place of Wellness Rest & Recovery

Healing Homes, Land and Workplaces 

Simple tools, pendulum, rods, sage and crystals combined with years of experience and kind hearts restore the energy balance to your home or on your land. During the visit we will clear away unwanted influences such as geopathic stress, ley lines, spirit influences and other unhelpful or mischievous visitors. Assistance from our unseen helpers which some might call angels or guides is a normal aspect of the work while we at all times respect the spiritual and religious tradition of our client.

The rods and pendulum help us establish if there is and what the nature of the imbalance is, also where it is located. After the work these tools help us to confirm that matters have been put back into balance. The crystals are great allies who have been used in healing work for as long as we have been on this planet. Sound created by sacred bells, shamanic drums or singing bowls are most powerful tool to help with the work. The use of the blessed smoke of sage and other herbs in healing is a well established practice. These are just some of the resources at our disposal. There are no hidden extras nor will you be asked to purchase any equipment. When we leave your home, your work place or your land it will feel lighter, energised and more welcoming.
(Cost: € 250 per individual clearing. Cost is reduced if there are more.)