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Healing Tree Retreats

A Gentle Place of Wellness Rest & Recovery

About Patrick 

After many years of searching and many adventures plus a few mis-adventures I believe I have found my vocation in life. Since about 1998 I have been trying to live a more useful and meaningful life, with a focus on spiritual growth and on being of some sort of service to others. More recently (2004), I became fully focused on informing, training, and upskilling myself. I am at that stage now where I realize that in spite of all the diplomas and certificates that essentially I know nothing and that my 'learning' will probably never even scratch the surface of wisdom. I am told that I do have a certain ability with people and for caring for those who are kind enough to come and spend some time with me here in this lovely peaceful place. All attitudes and belief systems have found care and solace here on this little hill. The Healing Tree Retreats projects and workshops are run on a not for profit basis.

My ongoing Shamanic training, springs from many teachers and many different traditions, Celtic and Inuit peoples amongst others. My journeying in the Shamanic state of consciousness has provided me with much insight and great comfort as I do my best to get my mind around the various teachings. The Standing people and the winged ones are particularly kind and patient with me, I thank them for that.

Training to be a teacher of yoga at the Sivananda ashram in London (2014) has had a wonderful influence on how I live my life and on how events here at Coolbagh are presented to you. My certification as an NLP practitioner knits beautifully with the philosophies of Yoga, Shamanism, Kindness and Buddhism all which seem to me to propose that mind management skills are at the core of a happier and healthier way of being. Ultimate happiness is not found in the manifest world but within the self. We can help you go inside and regardless of your beliefs we can help you reconnect with that higher aspect that is within us all. Connecting with your inner peace helps make our time here more pleasant, more fun, more loving and kind.

Being a vegetarian, non-drinker and non-smoker is a reflection of the respect and interest I have developed in all things natural. I try to be as much in respectful harmony with nature as I possibly can be. I choose to be barefoot for as many hours of my day as possible, I thrive on the direct connection to our beautiful mother Earth. In the eighties and nineties I was a scuba diving instructor and my love of the sea continues with a keen interest in sea kayaking. Living close to the ocean here in Coolbagh is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. 

I try hard to fully engage with non-violence practice in all that I do, particularly in my thinking and attitudes towards people, beings and places. The ego is still able to create daily and moment by moment challenge for me in that regard. 

I strive to honor the simple philosophy of kindness in all things. I believe that the purpose of life is simply to live and to live as happily as possible on our journey back to our true beautiful enlightened selves. Swami Sivananda Saraswati said "Be Good Do Good", this I consider a formula for happy living.

Kindness & Joy Always


Walks with crow between worlds


I was given the names 'walks with crow between worlds' by my Shamanic guide and the name 'Narayan' by the Swami's in the Sivananda ashram where I undertook my yoga teacher training program.

Accreditation's & Qualifications

1997 - 2019

Dip Psychology Dip Aromatherapy Dip Ki Massage Mastery of Meditation Crystal Healing Therapist

Sound Healing Practitioner NLP Practitioner Advanced Dip Past Life Regression Advanced Shamanic Studies

Reiki Master Yoga Siromani (Registered 'Experienced Teacher of Yoga' with Yoga Alliance) Therapeutic Mindfulness

Mindfulness & Meditation Coach MBCT (Level 1) Certified Ho' oponopono Practitioner

Retreat Facilitator Owner at Healing Tree Retreats